Video, Film & Photography

Video Service
DeBee Communication has its own high-technology, in-house High Definition (HD) video/film production including a professional video/film camera package, off-line & on-line editing equipment and captioning services.

DeBee Communications provides a full range of production services to suit your particular needs. We can take your project from concept to completion, or handle any of the steps along the way.

Do you have old pictures or slides that need to be converted to DVDs or Blu-Ray? We can save you a lot of money and time by providing this service to you.

Whether you need to market, train, motivate or entertain, HD video and web video offers the most effective and exciting way to communicate. Your information is presented positively and completely to every viewer, every time. Revise and update whenever necessary. Save money by minimizing the time your organization spends repeating information that video can bring to life.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Ways We Can Help You Communicate Using Video:

  • Marketing and Promotion
  • New Product Introduction/Trade Shows
  • Public Relations/Video News Releases
  • Training & Employee Orientation
  • Convention Highlights
  • Fundraising & Recruiting
  • Educational Programs
  • Documentaries
  • Entertainment Programs
  • HD Video & Film Commercial Spots/PSAs
  • Instruction & How-to
  • Other

Also, Just A Few For Personal Needs:

  • Social and Special Events
  • Sports Events
  • Still Photographs Transfer to Videotapes


  • Concept Development & Scripting
  • Casting * Location Scouting & Coordination
  • Set Design & Construction


  • Location or Studio Shooting
  • Crew & Equipment Coordination
  • Video (All Formats such as SDTV, HDTV, Betacam SP, Digital Video and more)
  • Film Production (16mm & 35mm)
  • Film & Digital Photography


  • Nonlinear Editing
  • Special Effects
  • 3D and Animation
  • Closed and Open Captions
  • Subtitles
  • Voice-Over (Audio)
  • Narration & Soundtracks
  • Slide Film to Video Transfers
  • DVD Authoring
  • CD, DVD & Blu-Ray Duplications & Distribution

DeBee Partial Credit List

DeBee Partial Credit List & Production Experience

Visual Technology Recommendation Plan New Mexico School for the Deaf Educational Technology Consultant
Meth Property Issues Meth Awareness and Prevention Project Captioner
Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood with ASL Signers ASL Readers, Inc and Family Communications Producer/Director/Editor
ASL Rose Video Commercial ASL Rose Writer/Director/Editor
South Dakota 7-1-1 Relay Service Video/Radio Commercials, PSA & Photography South Dakota Relay Service Producer/Writer/ Director/Editor
CSDVRS Commercials, Training, PSA & E-News CSDVRS Producer/Writer/
Have You Ever Seen…? ASL Rose Producer/Director/ Editor
Reconciliation Video Project – NCOD National Catholic Office for the Deaf Producer/Director/Editor
Business and Employment Center Tour Guide for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Job Seekers BEC, Frederick County of Maryland & Mary Lou Novitsky Cinematographer/Editor
Pittsburgh Association for the Deaf’s 75th Anniversary Pittsburgh Association for the Deaf Producer/Director/Editor
Buffo Daniel Cook Producer/Director/Editor
Senior Citizens on the Job Center On Deafness Producer/Director/Editor
Highlights of Deaf People and History International Lutheran Deaf Association Producer/Director/Editor
Mom & Dad, Your Deaf Child Is OK! DeBee Communications, Corp. Producer/Director/Editor
PSA Commercial of Pirates Owner, Kevin McClatchey at WPSD Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf Producer/Director/Editor
Pennsylvania Society of the Advancement for the Deaf’s 100th Anniversary of Pittsburgh Chapter Pennsylvania Society of the Advancement for the Deaf Producer/Director/Editor
Pennsylvania Society of the Advancement for the Deaf Convention Pennsylvania Society of the Advancement for the Deaf Services
Alice in Wonderland Deaf West Theatre Cinematographer/Editor
EQUUS Deaf West Theatre Cinematographer/Editor
Subtitles (Open Captions) Department of Education Editor
Marketing & Promotional Premuda Engineering Resources/TouchQuest Producer/Director/Editor
Mouth Morphemes in ASL DeBee Communications, Corp. Producer/Director/Editor
Sprint Commercial – 30 seconds Sprint Producer/Director/Editor
Schools for the Deaf (Historical) DeBee Communications, Corp. Producer/Director/Editor
Ring Show Iancului Products Company Producer/Director/Editor
Deaf Mosaic Show
Deaf Gang in LA
Deaf Horse Riders
Gallaudet University Cinematographer
Laurent Clerc – Video Documentary DeBee Communications, Corp. Producer/Director/Editor
Highlights of the National Association of the Deaf Convention Knoxville, Tenn. National Association of the Deaf Producer/Director/Editor
Highlights of the National Campvention of the Deaf (1994, 1996, 1998, 2000) National Campvention of the Deaf Producer/Director/Editor
American Sign Language Video Series 1-12 Lessons American Sign Language, Limited Partnership Producer/Director/Editor
“Signing Naturally Level II” (Four-hour program) DeBee Productions/Dawn Pictures Producer/Director/Editor
“Children’s Classics” (Six half-hour programs) DeBee Productions/Dawn Pictures Producer/Director/Editor
“American Sign Language Literature Series” DeBee Productions/Dawn Pictures Producer/Director/Editor
“Fingerspelling Fluency” (Two-hour program) DeBee Productions/Dawn Pictures Producer/Director/Editor
“Hands Uplifted in Praise” DeBee Productions Director/Cinematographer
“Protect Yourself” Group W Cable/ Beyond Sound Executive Producer/Director
“World Beyond Sound” (129 shows) (National Cable Network) (ACE Award) Group W Cable Producer/Director
“GLAD of, for, by the Deaf People” Greater Los Angeles Council for the Deafness Director/Editor
“Self Defense: Women Teaching Women”(Two-hour program) L.A. Commission on Assault Against Women & Beyond Sound Director/Editor
“The Los Angeles Club for the Deaf Story” (Emmy Award & ACE Award) PBS/ KCET28/ Beyond Sound Producer/Director/ Editor/Narrator
“Women Behind the Wall of Silence” National Conference of Deaf Women United Cinematographer
“California Association of the Deaf’s Interpreter Evaluation Program” California Association of the Deaf Cinematographer
“Musing Show”
“Handle with Care”
“Sign City”
(47 shows)
Silent Network Lighting Director/Production Assistant
“Breaking the Sound Barrier” KTLA5 Cinematographer
“But It’s Not My Fault” TAT Communication Co. (ABC’s After School Special) Cinematographer