Laurent Clerc Press

Laurent Clerc Press is designed to help you create your own customized print in any form – book, E-book, newsletter, or portfolio.   Laurent Clerc Press is dedicated solely to custom publishing that meets your needs. Laurent Clerc Press brings your ideas alive through a variety of print to educate, entertain, motivate and excite all readers. If you need help with publishing a book or whatever you need that is creative, unique and eye-catching, Laurent Clerc is the place to contact.

Who is Laurent Clerc? History

Laurent Clerc was a remarkable deaf man who brought sign language to America from France in 1815. Because of his exemplary career in the education of the deaf, it was decided that this publishing company be named after him in his honor.

Laurent Clerc offers a variety of book services to meet your needs:

  • History Books
  • Brochures/Newsletters
  • Photo Albums
  • Portfolios
  • Fiction & Non-Fiction Books
  • Graphical Books
  • Short Books (novellas, poetry, cookbooks…)
  • Documentaries

Laurent Clerc Press offers a range of picture book services to fit any requirement. You can publish:

  • Children’s Books (picture Books, story Books…)
  • Photo Albums (family, pet, academic, travel, sports…)
  • Art portfolios (painting, photo, design…)
  • Catalogs/Guides/Brochures (annual reports, periodicals, health, business, travel…)
  • Presentations (business, non-profit, community, school…)
  • Web & Graphic Design Services

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