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Educational Technology Management Consulting Services

Our staff has the understanding and experience in managing information technologies to meet our clients’ needs.  Institutions of higher education and K-12 use our consulting services to help improve their technology to enhance student learning. We train teachers to use technology so they can use their time efficiently.

Technologies empower the hearing, disabled, deaf and hard of hearing learners, employees, alumni, and other constituencies. It should contain cost while creating and sustaining active participation in organizations’ mission. Technology can improve communications and when face-to-face contacts are impractical.

  • Removing Communication Barriers
  • Easy Visual Access
  • Tools for Learners Including the Deaf and Hard of Hearing & Disabled
  • Best Design in 21st Century Classes
  • Defense and Public Safety
  • Multimedia & Digital Technology

How DeBee Communications can help you:

Technology Services

DeBee Communications provides an educational consultation service specializing in strategic technology planning. Our area of expertise include…

  • Project Planning and Consultation
  • Technical Education Services
  • Design of 21st Century Classes
  • Design of Accessible Auditoriums for the Disabled, Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Deaf and Hard Hearing Friendly Environment
  • Design of Digital Video Studio and Non-linear Editing Classroom
  • Development of Educational Technology Planning for Schools
  • Educational Technology and IT Audits
  • Professional Development Planning and Implementation
  • Installation and Configuration of Open Source Applications
  • Training and Documentation
  • Custom Development and Support
  • Graphic Design and Information Architecture
  • Troubleshooting, Upgrades, Security, Backups
  • Project Assessment Services
  • Emergency Alert System

Professional Development

Corporate consultant, speaker, seminar leader, private instructor, manager trainer, success trainer and consultant helping companies achieve or maintain maximum effectiveness and profitability through the use of technology and creative business applications.

Plant a seed of change, and then watch it grow and blossom in your organization. A seed session is a professional development workshop for specific software, equipment, or best practices. You request a time, a place, and a topic – and we deliver. This service includes a needs assessment prior to the event, and an evaluation of next steps following the session.

Why DeBee Communications?

  • We understand Deaf and Hard of Hearing’s Needs
  • Expertise in Educational Technology Management
  • We put the best technical experts on the front lines of support
  • We understand the business of education
  • 35 years in the Film/Video production
  • Teach Digital Video Production classes
  • Consult with different schools for the deaf