ASL/Deaf Culture

I We provide ASL and Deaf Culture consultation services. Whether you are writing a book, making a movie, or just meeting some deaf people for the first time, we have all the information and resources you need to make sure your perspective of Deaf and Hard of Hearing people are accurate. There are many damaging myths about Deaf and Hard of Hearing people that need to be erased. There are many thriving and educated deaf people today. They go to college, get jobs, get married, have children, go on vacations, and drive just like everyone else.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals perform just as well as their hearing peers. However, there are obstacles that create communication barriers that can limit their participation in the workplace, classroom, restaurant or at home. The physical and environmental barriers could be noise, light level in a room, and distance from the speaker. There are attitudinal barriers, such as, stereotyping, ignorance, and focus on the disability rather than the individual’s abilities.

We have worked with businesses, TV/movie directors, writers, educators, parents, police, doctors and nurses by providing a variety of services to meet their needs such as tutoring ASL students or family and/or community members who want to improve their ASL skills, mentoring interpreters, consulting with media groups and companies, educational systems, and government entities. We provide workshops on a variety of topics such as Learning How to Use Mouth Morphemes where interpreters can obtain CEUs, ASL workshops on a variety of sign language topics such as family and dinner signs for families, and workshops for children who want to learn how to use the multimedia. We have clients who come to us with their own topics who seek our help in developing them.

Out staff has a variety of expertise in areas of media services such as film and video, deaf education, interpreter training and mentoring, ASL instruction and tutoring, advocacy for families, children and adults, Deaf Culture, Deaf History, and Deaf Literature.

See below a list of the services we provide in ASL and Deaf Culture Consultation:

Filming & Media Consultant
We have been in the film/video business for over 25 years. We have worked with a variety of crew and cast members to ensure the accuracy of how deaf individuals are portrayed. In addition, we have provided ASL coaching to members who needed to learn to sign in a short period of time.

We work with school staff at all levels from preschool to college in providing all services such as teaching ASL, providing one-on-one tutoring services to students or staff, interpreters and families. We offer advocacy strategies to help Deaf and hard of Hearing children grow up to be independent and successful individuals. We also offer educational technology management services to all students and teachers at schools.

We provide ASL instruction in the families’ home or at their school or wherever they prefer to meet. We work with families to meet their needs who have busy schedules. We also provide communication strategies so they can build closer, positive, and long-lasting relationships with their loved ones.

Medical Community
We provide consultation to the medical community who work with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children to learn a few basic signs related to their everyday work, provide sensitivity training workshops so that staff learns to accept the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community better. We teach them that they need to be honest with the patients and not.

We work with employees and employers who have Deaf and Hard of Hearing employees; The goal is to help them communicate better with each other. We provide sign language services at their work site every week. We give them communication strategies to improve communication.

Interpreter Training and Mentoring
We provide tutoring, mentoring and tutoring services to interpreters who need to upgrade their skills, or Improve their expressive and/or receptive skills.