Video, FIlm & Photography

DeBee Communications has its own high-technology in-house video/film production including a professional High Definition (HD) video camera package, off-line and on-line editing equipment DVD & Blu-Ray authoring and captioning services. DeBee Communications provides a full range of production services to suit your particular needs. We can take your project from concept to completion, or handle any of the steps along the way.


We add captions on your videos – closed, open, or subtitles in any color, size, and location on the picture. We can provide our suggestions to ensure that your products include accessible and accurate captions using technology that is visible and easy to read for all viewers. One of our staff members has worked in the captioning industry for over 15 years and can provide her expertise to meet your needs. We use only the best captioning equipment and software to ensure quality captions.

Educational Technology

The promises of educational technology are phenomenal. International competitors are excelling in the areas of math and science, using computers efficiently, and conducting business by means of modern technology. It is essential that our children are taught how to use and learn from computers in order to produce an American society that is up to par with nations worldwide. One of our staff members has a strong background in educational and business technology to work with you in meeting your technological needs.

ASL/Deaf Culture

If you need information about American Sign Language, Deaf Culture, Deaf Community and History and Interpreting, you have come to the right place. We provide consultation services to filmmakers, writers, and business owners to clarify and educate as well as dispel myths about deaf & hard of hearing people in society. Whether it is to provide this valuable information in your book, video/movie, workplace or other, we have a staff of Deaf and Hearing people who have expertise in all of these areas.

Laurent Clerc Press (Book & eBook)

Impress and engage your readers. You have a story to tell and people waiting to read it. Laurent Clerc Press is an editorial system designed to help you create your own custom book or course materials. Because Laurent Clerc Press is dedicated solely to custom publishing, your custom book is our utmost priority. Our specialization in one field–custom publishing–enables us to deliver your book with the greatest speed and the highest quality.