Your Deaf Child is O.K.

Your Deaf Child is O.K.

Mom & Dad, Your Deaf Child is O.K. - Significant Steps in Communicating with Your Deaf Child written by Flavia Frazier and produced & directed by James DeBee.

This educational video program has been done in a very sensitive and caring manner. It shows how deaf and hearing parents cope with having a deaf child.

The purpose of this videotape is to provide information about raising a deaf child which is based on recent research through interviews with parents, professionals and children. The issues in this videotape will focus on acceptance, communication, language and education. We hope you will benefit from the information that the researchers, teachers, parents and children will share with you about your deaf child.

Mom & Dad, Your Deaf Child is O.K. includes interviews with families, both hearing and deaf, about how they dealt or are dealing with issues related to their deaf children. Researchers, administrators, and educators from deaf-related fields offer their valuable expertise about deaf children. There are six essential issues: “Concerns,” “Cochlear Implant,” “Which Language?” “Family Involvement,” “No Time, Too Busy, Too Hard” and “Words of Advice.”

Includes sign language, voice-over and subtitles.

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