The LACD Story

The LACD Story

This is my home!

“The Los Angeles Club of the Deaf Story” depicts the historic changes of a Deaf club in a large city. The video captures members’ feelings and memories toward their clubhouse, shares fond memories of friendships cultivated at the club, and dramatizes the story of the rise and fall of a powerful social organization within the Deaf community.

We’ve been together for many years

“I think it’s important to notice that L.A.C.D. was the first clubhouse to be owned by the Deaf people in the United States.” – Lil Skinner

The L.A.C.D. Story is a classic! A “must see” for EVERYONE who wants to learn more about deaf culture and history. Even American Sign Language and Deaf Culture students will love it, too!

L.A.C.D. had a variety of social activities and theatrical events where a large crowd of deaf people came to enjoy themselves. There were also sports events such as basketball, softball, and bowling. Extensive footage of old black and white film clips shows their activities way back to the 1940s!

Once you finish watching this program, you will never forget it. The L.A.C.D. Story will help you understand better about this unique deaf culture and experience.

Deaf Club Basketball Team National Champion L.A.C.D.

L.A.C.D. entered the National finals and won repeatedly . . . its name became “Glorified!” – Lou Dyer

James DeBee is the Deaf narrator, producer and director of The L.A.C.D. Story. It won an Emmy award for best producer and director, and an ACE, the National Cable Television Association’s Emmy as “Best Television for Special Audiences.” It is 30 minutes long and has voice-over and closed captioning.

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