The World's Strongest Clown

"One of the Best Educational Tools to Learn Vocabulary and Sign Language Simultaneosly"

Research has proved that hearing children will learn more vocabulary combined with sign language much easier than those who do not use sign language.

This videotape includes a unique concept which will motivate your child to learn vocabulary and sign language simultaneously. It consists of three fun games and a championship game titled SIGNTASTIC!® Each game is labeled with words or products related to the signs. The participants must sign correctly to win the game. In this particular show, you will learn the signs for "COLORS".

Buffo, a former Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus clown as well as a White House guest star, is one of a kind. Using sign language, this amazing strongman can do hundreds of unbelievable acts you wouldn't believe!

How about ripping phone books, bowling ball juggling, breaking concrete blocks, unicycling, stilt walking, balancing a table, and even a cute disappearing rabbit act! It's so much FUN watching the World's Strongest Clown acts and learning signs. Additional copies of Buffo's shows will follow with a variety of topics such as Family, Animals and Feelings will be available when financial support is obained. Enjoy!


*Former Professional Baseball Player

* Former teacher of the Deaf

* Former Bodybuilder & Powerlifter

* Holds a M.S. Degree in Special Education Includes closed captioned.

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