ASL Video Series 4

ASL Video Series 4

Lesson Four - Shopping

Segment 1: Only 30 Minutes
Segment 2: Black Cap
Segment 3: Beautiful Dress
Segment 4: What’s For Dinner?

This Lesson “Shopping,” consists of four different segments of day of errands with the Deaf Robinson family; Brian, Anne and their two deaf children, Kelly and Kevin. You can see the family signing common, everyday words followed by G. Wayne Miller’s class to help you understand better some signs. There are vocabulary signers signing words from these scenes. There will be a review to help you remember the signs in an easy and fun way. You can watch this review several times until you understand the words.  Finally, as a recap, there is an ASL storyteller who signs all of the events that occurred from these five segments so you can improve your receptive skills.


Basic Rules and Grammar
Lucinda O’Grady Batch explains simple rules of grammar in this lesson. She helps you to make appropriate facial expressions and body language. In this lesson, she discusses “Classifiers 3-CL and 1-CL.”

Deaf History and Culture
A Deaf historian, Kevin Struxness shares with you stories about Deaf culture and Deaf history. In this program, he hosts “Schools for the Deaf with Deaf Founders.”

Feature Running Time: 76 Minutes
American Sign Language
Subtitles: English
Audio: Voiceovers

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ASL Video Series Lesson 4 - Shopping
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