Purchase Order

Please use a standard company purchase order form with an authorized signature and include the following information:

  • A purchase order number
    One number can be provided to DeBee Communications, Corp. to be used as a “blanket purchase order number”, or if your company does not utilize blanket PO’s, then you may provide a purchase order number at the time of the service call to DeBee Communications, Corp.
  • A bill-to and ship-to address
  • An estimated dollar amount
    $50 to $15,000 is suggested but the actual amount is really dependent upon the volume of DeBee Communication’s products or service business performed.
  • A purchase order expiration date
    The expiration date can not be more than 1 year from the issue date.
  • Terms of “Net 30” or less
  • The method of shipment
    UPS Ground Day or Next Day Delivery.
  • Statement of Intent
    “[Your company name] agrees to pay the invoiced product price plus tax if the defective part is not returned within Net 30 days.”
  • An authorized signature

Purchase Order Form:

Submit your Purchase Order with your signature(s) via PDF or any question about your Purchase Order through here or email at orders@debee.com.

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