Award Winning and Nationally Recognized Video/Film Production Company

DeBee Communications has its own high-technology in-house video/film production including a professional film/video camera package, lighting kits, off-line & on-line editing equipment, and captioning services.

DeBee Communications started with providing a full range of production services such as a variety of videotapes and film. Later, we added photography, duplication and DVD authoring services.  Recently, we added captioning, graphic & web design and educational technology services.

Whether you need to educate, market, inform, or motivate, video offers the most effective and visual way to communicate.   Your information is presented professionally to attract all viewers. We provide a high quality and cost-effective service that helps your company to save time and money.

We also provide services to a variety of diverse clients – corporate, government, non-profit, international, educational, disabilities groups, and many more.

History of DeBee Communications:

DeBee Productions formed a TV/Film production company in Hollywood, California. Since James DeBee won their two Emmy awards on his documentary, “The Los Angeles Club of the Deaf Story.”
DeBee Productions made a production agreement with Dawn Sign Press for producing their Vista’s Signing Naturally Level II project, Children’s Classics projects, American Sign Language Literature Series projects, and Fingerspelling Fluency project. Those projects productions were very successful to increase Dawn Sign Press’ Sales and Marketing.
DeBee Productions renamed to DeBee Communications Corporation, incorporated in Delaware to film documentaries, talk show, commercials, various programs and educational videotapes. James DeBee, Joanne DeBee, Robert Schaufele, Jr., Luanne Woodford and Dr. Lawrence Fleischer were formed to the Board of Directors as the shareholders.
DeBee Communications and ASL Limited Partnership agreed to produce the “ASL Video Series” project.
1994 DeBee Communications produced documentaries such as “Laurent Clerc (1785-1869), and Schools for the Deaf (ASD, PSD, Fanwood, etc.)DeBee Communications made a production agreement with Gallaudet University to film programs in the West Coast for their national TV show, “Deaf Mosaic.”

DeBee Communications made a production agreement with National Association of the Deaf to film highlights of the National Association of the Deaf Convention documentary in Knoxville, Tennessee.

DeBee Communications expanded their business adding a new division Laurent Clerc Press.  This new division was named in honor of Laurent Clerc. Laurent Clerc Press is designed to help authors or customers to create their own customized books.
Laurent Clerc Press made a publishing agreement with California School for the Deaf, Alumni Association to publish their first history book.
DeBee Communications made a production agreement with Deaf West Theatre to filming two theatres, “EQUUS” and “Alice in Wonderland.”
DeBee Communications invested in producing an educational video, “Mouth Morphemes in ASL” with Kevin Struxness.
DeBee Communications produced an educational video, “Mom and Dad, Your Deaf Child is OK!” with Flavia Fleischer.
DeBee Communications relocated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
DeBee Communications received a contract with Special Education Department’s Captioning for captioning services.
DeBee Communications provided media services and produced documentaries for Pennsylvania Society of the Advancement for the Deaf convention and Pittsburgh Association for the Deaf.
2001 DeBee Communications made a contract agreement with Business and Employment Center and Frederick County of Maryland with Mary Lou Novitsky, Producer. The program was entitled “Business and Employment Center Tour Guide for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Job Seekers.”DeBee Communications produced a “Reconciliation Video Project” with National Catholic Office for the Deaf.

DeBee Communications produced American Sign Language educational video projects such as “Have You Ever Seen…?” and video commercial with ASL Rose.

DeBee Communications relocated to Sioux Falls, South Dakota

DeBee Communications provided captioning services for Communications Service for Deaf (CSD) and CSDVRS.
DeBee Communications and ASL Readers developed a pilot program, “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood with ASL Signers” with Family Communications in Pittsburgh, PA.
Laurent Clerc Press is proud to announce the release of The California School for the Deaf Story (The CSDR Story) by Kevin Struxness. Hard and soft cover books are now available. Hurry and order now since there is a limit of only 1,000 books.
DeBee Communications relocated to Rio Rancho, New Mexico.
DeBee Communications made an agreement with New Mexico School for the Deaf to Educational Technology consulting service.
DeBee Communications provided captioning services with Meth Awareness and Prevention Project in South Dakota.
DeBee Communications has also incorporated in New Mexico. Reconstructed DeBee Communications organization and their vision and mission.