DeBee Communications, Corp. was incorporated in 1993 in Delaware and New Mexico to film documentaries, talk shows, commercials, various programs and educational videotapes. In addition, DeBee Communications provides captioning and educational technology services.

DeBee Communications’ mission is to provide high quality multimedia in today’s ever-changing, high technology world. Our emphasis is in the areas of video, film, captioning/subtitles, photography, multimedia and educational technology consulting services. DeBee Communications has a desire to promote positive and realistic videotapes and films, especially about minority groups such as the disabled, Native Americans, deaf people, languages and cultures. There are a variety of products that provides information about diabetes, meth, the voting process, how to defend yourself, American Sign Language, history and many more. We can help you to improve your technology in your organization, develop videos & web videos, films, and books, provide captions on your videotapes and DVDs. What’s more, everything we do for you is customized and based on your needs. For more information, check out our products and services. Customers like you are very important to us!

Mr. DeBee

Mr. DeBee Mr. DeBee garnered two “ACE” awards, the National Cable Television Association’s Emmy, as best television series for special audiences and outstanding programming achievement for “The Los Angeles Club for the Deaf Story” documentary depicting the rise and fall of a well-known deaf club. DeBee Communications has completed American Sign Language Video Series Lesson 1-5 (ASL Video Series). Numerous production works includes A Basic Guide to Self Defense, Fingerspelling Fluency, Self Defense: Women Teaching Women, Vista’s Signing Naturally Level II, American Sign Language Literature Series, GLAD, Protect Yourself, Once Upon A Time…Children’s Classics, World Beyond Sound, 129 shows on National Cable Network and other programs. DeBee Communications also produces many commercials and PSAs for various clients such as Sprint, South Dakota Prairie View Prevention Services, Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD), and HiLife Supported Self Care. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at sales@debee.com or call us at 505.404.9177